Shape Robots







Grade K 1 2 3 4 5


Objectives:  The students will use geometric shapes to create a collage robot.  Students will learn to create a triangle by cutting a square diagonally.

History:  Describe what is observed in selected works of art.

Criticism:  Identify kind of shapes.

Aesthetics:  Observe and discuss the visual characteristics of forms that are man made.

Production:  Combine shapes to create new shapes.


Materials & Preparation:  Construction paper cut into different sizes and shapes, glue, 12x18 white drawing paper, scissors, markers


Vocabulary:  Geometric shape, rectangle, triangle, square, collage


Motivation & Procedure:

          Nam June Paik was born in Korea, grew up in Japan, studied video art in Germany, and eventually lived in New York City.  He built his first robot contraption in 1964 called “Robot k-456”, a remote control art machine that could walk, talk, and perform.  Nam Jun Paik is a contemporary sculpture who uses television sets to build robot people.  Paik has made whole families of robot people.  Many TV’s in Paik’s sculptures are electronically wired to play videos that he made himself. 

          Students will begin by placing squares or rectangles on drawing paper to begin building the robot.  Students may wish to plan first and glue later, but it is not necessary.  Adding details such as hats, facial features, and buttons make the robot more interesting.  Students can create triangles by cutting squares.  After all pieces have been glued, a background can be added by tracing around the robot with markers.  Use no more than three colors.